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Articles in Plymouth

Alternative Schooling Plymouth

Alternative schooling encompasses educational institutes that are outside the traditional schooling system. They often focus on learner-centered, informal educational practices, like Montessori and Waldorf schools, but can also include faith-based teaching.

International Schools Plymouth

Whether you’re an expat or just looking to broaden your child’s cultural upbringing, enrolling in an international school has many positive and life-changing implications. In general, international schools adopt an international curriculum, such as that of the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Boarding Schools Plymouth

In the UK, there’s a long tradition with boarding schools, which are not subject to the national curriculum, but do operate according to guidelines under the National Boarding Standards. While considered to be independent or public schools, boarding schools are set apart by the fact that, as the name implies, they provide boarding away from home for pupils.

School Reviews & Information Plymouth

Finding the right educational fit for any child is an involving job that includes lots of research and homework. Reading reviews of local schools and gathering information on particular types of educational institutes is a good start when seeking the perfect fit for your child.

Catchment Areas Plymouth

A catchment area is a grouping of people based on geographical location. In the UK, a school catchment area determines which school pupils from a certain area are eligible to attend.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schooling Plymouth

Finding an SEN school specifically suited to your child’s needs, whether emotional, behavioral or developmental, can involve exhaustive research. But, practically every particular special need can be accommodated by an appropriate school and/or special needs program.

Education Advice & Help Plymouth

Talking with parents and students is one of the best and easiest ways to gain valuable advice about a particular school or catchment areas. Consult experts as well when you inquiring about specific exam, awards and/or statistical information.

State Schools Plymouth

In the UK, state schools provide government funded education free of charge to pupils, and is funded by taxation; as opposed to the many different and popular fee-paying school, though the terminology between state schools and other, privately funded schools does overlap and get confused at times.

Independent Fee-Paying Schools Plymouth

Independent or private schools (also referred to as public schools) are not financed by taxpayers or any government agency, and rely on private funding to operate, and are also not subject to the national curriculum. Though, most independent schools do claim charitable status with the Independent Schools Council and receive some tax relief.

Tutors & Tutoring Plymouth

Tutoring is sometimes a necessary part of a child’s education; whether it’s due to a long-term illness, an extended period of travel, maintaining focus or motivation, especially during difficult times, or if it’s just to supplement standard education. Tutors can easily become an essential part of a child’s educational growth and prosperity.